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The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden has won challenging cases for 30 years against prosecutors and has developed a strong practical knowledge of the best ways to proceed in assault cases. There are no formulas or scripts to any legal case, and you need a law firm like The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden that has 30 years of legal acumen to handle the intricacies of your case. 

In every case we handle here at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, we draw on our passion and training forgetting you your rights observed. We enjoy working with clients form all over the Pelham area and helping them attain the results they would like to see. Your assault case deserves an certain expertise and attention to detail that we can provide. Let us take on your assault case with a strong and agressive approach that will hopefully yield positive results. We want to help impact your life with a final and content resoltion toward your assault matter that will suffice your expectations. 

The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden understands that being arrested or indicted can be one of the most horrible experiences you can ever face in your life. We can appreciate how it impacts you, your family, your job, your finances and your future. With that said, you can rest assured, knowing we will treat you like family. At The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, you can count on us to communicate often and to explain every legal procedure. You can rest assured our Pelham assault firm will never make you feel uncomfortable.

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The professionals at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden want to be able to provide to you the counsel and guidance you need in order to get the best results out of your assault case. We want you to trust us with all your needs in the Pelham area. Give us a call at (603) 582-0197 today and learn about what we can do for you. 

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