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The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden believes in the careful practice of the law. We diligently prepare your case at every stage of a drug possession proceeding to make sure that juries understand your side of the story and that you are able to exercise all of your rights extended to you in Pelham are available to defend your criminal charges.

Drug possession charges are serious matters that can potentially damage the rest of your life. When you work with The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden we attempt every possible solution for our Pelham clients so they can breathe free of these charges. 

We are The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, and we want to help you get through your drug possession case as unscathed as possible. With 30 years of working in the Pelham area with local clients we have gained invaluable experience on how to best provide our services to those in need. We can help you drive a better bargain in a Pelham court in order to try and have your drug possession charges dropped or reduced.

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