When Your Back Is Against The Wall

Criminal charges can threaten your job, your liberty and your future.

Photo of Professionals at Goulden Law Offices, PLLC
Photo of Professionals at Goulden Law Offices, PLLC

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When You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal justice system can make you feel very lonely. No one is one your side. When you’ve been charged with a crime, despite the legal “presumption of innocence,” the system presumes you are guilty. Not only that, the system is designed to convict you. Police, investigators and prosecutors have one job after an arrest: to put you behind bars.

This is why it is critical that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side who is aggressively working to minimize the consequences of the charges. At Goulden Law Offices, PLLC, our attorneys have obtained numerous not-guilty verdicts or secured reductions in charges for our clients.

We know how important your case is for you, and we provide the requisite response. We meticulously investigate the allegations against you and build aggressive, compelling arguments that question and undercut the prosecution’s case.

Deep Knowledge Of The Criminal Justice System

Our lawyers know how the systems works. Tim Goulden was a police officer and a prosecutor. We know where mistakes are made and how the police and prosecutors can “get it wrong.”

Our job is to protect your rights and liberty. To do that, we examine every element of a case, questioning evidence and credibility of witnesses. We provide the vigorous defense everyone is entitled to under the Constitution.

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What Our Clients Say

A Very Satisfied Client

“I owe a great debt of gratitude to Attorney Timothy Goulden. Without his expertise and devotion to me and my case I could be sitting behind bars for a crime that I didn’t commit.”

Timothy Goulden, My Attorney

“I am privileged to take this opportunity to give an “over the top” referral to Timothy Goulden, my attorney. I was very unhappy with the first counsel that I had and I called and asked Tim questions. I had an immediate gut reaction that he was who I wanted fighting for me in my case.”

Drunk Driving

“Tim Goulden found a problem with the police report and was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to be dismissed after a period of good behavior. I am grateful for his hard work.”

I Was Accused Of Felonious Domestic Violence

“The false accusations were extremely damaging to my freedom, reputation, and sense of security. We ultimately went to trial to defend my honor. Robert was vigilant, stoic, compassionate and asked the Jury to understand my resolve. He represented me, and my interest extremely well. VERDICT was Not Guilty!”

12 crimes, 8 for felonies

“I was charged with 12 crimes, 8 for felonies- attorney Johnson was very attentive to my needs. Through his preparation and attention to detail, he was able to suppress the government’s key evidence and the government had to dismiss the case.”

United States Army
United States of America | Department Of The Navy
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