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Criminal Defense Representation

Providing An Aggressive Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in New Hampshire, we know it can feel overwhelming. Our attorneys at Goulden Law Offices, PLLC, know how to protect your rights and interests. We work to provide an aggressive defense and to minimize the consequence of the charges for you and your family, no matter the charges you are facing.

Why You Want An Attorney On Your Side

Being charged with a crime can be a lonely feeling. No one is looking out for you. No one is on your side. The criminal justice system is stacked against you, and everyone working for the state is working to convict you.

Our criminal defense attorneys at Goulden Law Offices, PLLC, understand this. We know how to protect your interests and stop the vast machinery of the state from tossing you into jail or prison. We work to build an aggressive defense to your charges.

Experienced With A Wide Range Of Charges

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in New Hampshire, we can help you build a strong defense. We have experience defending clients with a wide range of charges, including:

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Two of the most important rights as a criminal defendant are the right to an attorney under the Sixth Amendment and the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment. It is absolutely essential that you assert both of these rights after an arrest. Timing is also critical. The sooner you invoke these rights, the better we are able to protect your long-term interests.

Ask For An Attorney

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney because the system is exceptionally complex.

There are thousands of state and federal criminal laws and regulations. There are tens of thousands of court cases involving criminal law and procedure interpreting the laws. Only an attorney who focuses on criminal cases can successfully protect you when you are facing criminal sanctions.

Remain Silent

After you have politely requested an attorney, tell the police officers the interrogation is over (nicely), and then remain silent. Do not answer any further questions, no matter how innocent they appear. Law enforcement is always probing for weak spots and working to encourage you to say something that it can later use against you in court.

Beware The Miranda Warning

Remember, the words of the Miranda warning mean exactly what they say. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Law enforcement is supposed to respect your request and stop any question, but if it can get you talking and you drift over to an incriminating topic, it may still be able to use it against you.

The claim would be you waived your right to remain silent. So don’t take that chance. Wait until we arrive, and we can take any questions and ensure you do not inadvertently make a statement that could be incriminating.

A Zealous Defense

We provide the zealous defense you need to ensure the best result. Both of our attorneys are veterans, and one is a retired police officer and former prosecutor. We have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system in New Hampshire, and we know what it takes to mount a successful defense to criminal charges.

Any criminal charge can have unintended collateral consequences, including loss of student loans, immigration status, driving privileges or even your job. We work to protect your rights and interests every step of the process.

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