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If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in New Hampshire, we understand that it can be a frightening experience. At Goulden Law Offices, PLLC, we work to ensure the best result for you and your family for whatever charges or situation you are facing.

We also know how difficult it can be after a personal injury. Our attorneys have the experience you need to recover the compensation you deserve after you have suffered negligent injuries.

Decades Of Legal Experience

Criminal charges are complex, and you can feel overwhelmed after an arrest. The system is not designed to help you; it is designed to convict you. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients deal with this situation.

One of our attorneys was a prosecutor, so we understand how prosecutors charge and prosecute cases. We can provide an aggressive defense that challenges every element of their case.

When you need an experienced attorney dedicated to fighting for your rights and taking you step by step through the criminal justice system, please contact criminal defense attorneys. To learn more about our attorneys, follow the links below:

Know Your Rights, Ask For An Attorney And Remain Silent

It is important to know your rights in any criminal matter. You have a right to remain silent, to be represented by counsel and have the assistance of an attorney whenever the police question you about a possible crime. It is critical to ask for an attorney as early in the process as possible. Once you have asked for an attorney, respectfully decline to answer any questions until we are present to represent you.

Long-Term Consequences Of Criminal Charges

Any criminal charge can have unintended collateral consequences, including loss of student loans, immigration status, driving privileges or even your job. Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges for shoplifting or felony charges for auto theft, we will provide the zealous defense you need to ensure the best result.

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If you are facing any criminal charge, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. We also help those who have suffered a personal injury by a negligent party. Call our Nashua offices at 603-237-1105 or use our online contact form to make an appointment to speak with our attorneys.