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Client Testimonials

Put his expertise to work for you. Attorney Timothy J. Goulden is proud to have received the following recognition for criminal defense:

A very satisfied client
“When I first retained attorney Timothy Goulden, I was in a bad place. I had been wrongfully arrested after being physically attacked by an intoxicated ex-girlfriend. I was charged with second-degree assault – which is a felony in the state of New Hampshire. I originally hired a different attorney from Massachusetts who left me floundering. That attorney didn’t take my case seriously and made me feel like I wasn’t a priority. With a maximum jail sentence of five years hanging over my head for a crime that I hadn’t committed, I felt hopeless, stressed and depressed. With that attorney’s laissez-fair attitude evident, I knew that I had to take action and find the best attorney possible. That’s when I reached out to attorney Timothy Goulden, and it completely changed my life.
Within a matter of three days, attorney Goulden did more leg work for me than my previous attorney had done for me in the past six months. With his professional candor, complete understanding of my situation and clear vision of what needed to happen, I knew I was in good hands. Within a week, he had filed several motions that were invaluable to the correct resolution of my case.
Prior to hiring Tim, the prosecutor gave me a completely unacceptable plea deal. I rejected the plea and instead started to prepare for trial. Attorney Goulden’s thorough preparation helped alleviate my anxiety that being in this situation inherently elicits. I felt confident.
His demeanor in the courtroom was professional yet stern, which helped undermine the state’s case against me. He was able to clearly shine a light on all of the important facts that ultimately led to a jury of my peers finding me innocent on the potentially life-changing charge against me.
I owe a great debt of gratitude to attorney Timothy Goulden. Without his expertise and devotion to me and my case, I could be sitting behind bars for a crime that I didn’t commit.
If you or a loved one find yourself in any sort of legal situation, I would highly recommend acquiring the services of attorney Goulden. As a matter of fact, I would recommend having him on speed dial just in case the unforeseen happens.”
Immediate Defense For A College Student
“My son was arrested at his college for what started as a minor offense and through some questionable campus police tactics turned into a situation that would have potentially resulted in a very serious charge. Upon hearing of this after business hours on a Friday evening, I left messages with several defense attorneys, including attorney Goulden. Tim was the only attorney to reach back out to me on a Saturday morning even while he was traveling out of state. We were even able to arrange an initial phone consultation with Tim and my son early that Sunday morning.By the time my son returned to school on Monday, Tim had already filed paperwork with the school police to start the discovery process.Tim stayed vigilant and attentive to this case as the process ensued for months and ultimately was successful in getting a very fair and reasonable outcome for my son, for which our family is very grateful. I would highly recommend attorney Goulden.”
Timothy Goulden, My Attorney
“I am privileged to take this opportunity to give an “over the top” referral to Timothy Goulden, my attorney. I was very unhappy with the first counsel that I had, and I called and asked Tim questions. I had an immediate gut reaction that he was who I wanted fighting for me in my case. He took immediate steps to right what seemed like a wrong direction in my legal matters, and with his help, I quickly took control of the legal situation and my rights. I learned the enormous difference between the DWI I was facing and the reckless operation that I pled to. He was available to me all the time or responded immediately. He discussed the options and told me the truth. My first lawyer had me going in a very bad direction, and I was lucky to have hired Tim to replace him. I felt his fees were competitive and fair.”
Hard Work And Skill
“Tim Goulden represented my son in a criminal matter. He was excellent in the manner that he handled the case. At trial, my son was found not guilty of the serious felony that he had been charged with. I am appreciative of this attorney’s hard work and skill.”
DWI Case
“I hired attorney Goulden for a DWI case. He worked out a plea for a reduced charge (reckless driving). He was very good and worked hard for me.”
I would recommend attorney Goulden
“Attorney Goulden represented me for a criminal charge. He was professional and did a fine job.”
Drunk Driving
“Tim Goulden found a problem with the police report and was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to be dismissed after a period of good behavior. I am grateful for his hard work.”

Rarely do I write testimonials
Rarely do I write testimonials; however, having Timothy Goulden represent me in a recent case warranted a proper and accurate account of hiring Tim as an attorney. From the start, I felt confident that I made the right decision in asking for Tim’s representation. Not only was he completely professional from our initial meeting, he also established a personal relationship with me, which helped build trust, thus allowing me to discuss with him openly about my case and feel comfortable doing so. I never felt as if I was just another person he was representing. His military background and career with law enforcement have given Tim an incredible work ethic and a unique, comprehensive knowledge of the justice system that is unmatched by other attorneys. He is a force to be reckoned with and skillfully displays such talents in a professional manner, all while taking the time to explain the legal terminology to me without doing so in a condescending manner. Not only was he willing to travel over an hour at times to personally meet me and for my court appearances, he also always promptly addressed any questions or concerns I had regarding my case. It was through these efforts that truly showed me how much time and energy Tim was willing to dedicate to my case that made me feel confident that he was fighting for the best possible resolution. I cannot thank Tim enough, and rest assured if you do hire Tim as an attorney, you have the best person advocating for you in the crazy justice system.
– Bryan E.