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Our domestic assault firm  makes personalized client attention a priority. At The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden our clients stay informed with face-to-face meetings, phone calls and email; no question is ever ignored and all inquiries are taken seriously. With knowledge and experience, our seasoned domestic assault representation can keep a world that is crumbling from completely collapsing. If you want a domestic assault strategy from a firm that parallels no other, then The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden is the right place for you. When it comes to domestic assault matters, every minute is important as the case moves forward with each passing day. If you have been accused of a domestic assault offense, hire The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden representation as soon as possible.

The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden understands the fear people feel for themselves, their families and their futures when they are arrested. If you or someone you know as been arrested and charged with a serious offense within the Derry area, you should contact a skilled domestic assault attorney at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden. Our domestic assault strategy is designed to assist clients with any questions or concerns following an arrest. The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden prides itself on communicating often and looking at each case individually.

Here at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, a defense attorney will earnestly and aggressively defend your rights. With many of our lawyers having 30 years of experience, your rights will be properly taken into account and your case will be treated with the focus it deserves. In the Derry area, our firm has helped with dozens of domestic assault cases. Do not let your rights be taken away, call the Derry area firm that will devote itself to you.

You need a law firm that is entirely committed to its clients' domestic assault case and that is what you will receive from The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden. We are trained to provide you with the highest level of customer service and confidentiality in the Derry community. No questions you have, big or small, will ever go unanswered with The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden. Throughout our 30 years of practicing defense law, we have learned that honest, direct, and discrete client service does not end with the law. The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden will be with you as counselors and fierce legal advocates at every step of your legal proceedings. Please feel free to contact us today using the information below to discuss any aspect of your case. 

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