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We will devote maximum resources to ensure your injury case receives proper representation. We, here at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, are proud to put your interests first. With 30 years representing injury cases for the Merrimack area, we know how to deliver thorough and timely advice to our injury clients.

We at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden go the extra mile to ensure your total preparedness in your injury case. We proudly stand behind our clients in the Merrimack area, and we get you the results you want in injury case. You deserve the personal attention that we can give you thanks to our 30 years of experience. 

The success of The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden with injury cases comes from our 30 years of experience in handling many kinds of related cases. If you live in the Merrimack area and you have suffered any type of a serious injury, then you should consider discussing your case with a professional injury lawyer. 

Tell us your injury related story so we can help!

injury cases in the Merrimack area can be ugly as insurance companies do not always easily comply. Be sure your story is properly heard by calling us at The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden.

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