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At The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, we defend residents of the Pelham area who have been accused of crimes ranging form battery to assault and even murder. Shoplifting charges can be by the state even if the victim did not wish to press charges. Pelham law usually result in someone innocent being prosecuted simply because they were at the scene of a crime. Make sure your rights are defended and you have the experience of The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden on your side during your shoplifting case. 

At The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, we have a major focus on shoplifting cases. Our clients throughout the Pelham area have taken advantage of our 30 years of experience, allowing them to feel good about having us on their side during any shoplifting case.

The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden can draw from countless resources – ranging from our 30 years of experience to the latest cutting edge legal technologies. We represent your shoplifting case effectively. We consistently evaluate our inter-office procedures here at Pelham and look for ways that we can improve it. We also bring more resources towards representing our clients during shoplifting legal proceedings. 

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with The Law Offices of Timothy J Goulden, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below. We are happy to meet with you to review your case and help you come up with an effective strategy to deal with your case with minimal disruption to your private life. We have worked for 30 years with clients across the Pelham area and can help you resolve your shoplifting case with amicable results.

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