Personal Injury

Protect your rights, injury can occur at any turn because of someone’s negligence, by someone driving a motor vehicle.  Anyone violating traffic law or being reckless can be the fault of injuries to you or a loved one. The legal system helps make a person whole again by recognizing  past and future damages for pain, anguish, physical impairment, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses and disfigurement.  Our office is here to help you navigate the legal system and insurance practices to give you the best chance of recovering fully.

If you were in a car accident as a result of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, then you are due compensation – either from the driver of the other car or from their insurance company

What to do in case of an accident:

  1. Seek medical attention before doing anything else. Nothing is more important that the health of those involved. If you can’t see your family doctor, then go to the nearest emergency room.
  2. Obtain all the records of the injuries and treatments, as well as the police report from the scene.
  3. Find an experienced New Hampshire or Massachusetts personal injury attorney.
  4. Any reliable attorney offers a free consultation to explain the details of the case. If they do not offer this, then pass them by.  In addition, most cases are taking on a contingent basis meaning that no payment will be taken until success is achieved in your case.
  5. When the time arrives, take the information pertaining to the accident to the law firm. This includes medical records, law enforcement documents, photos and any witness’s statements.