Sex Offender Registration

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In February of 2015, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire (John Doe v. State of NH) ruled that the cumulative registry requirements of someone convicted prior to 1994 was and Ex Post Facto Law. Meaning that the changes and additional requirements to the sex offender registry over time caused the law to become punitive in nature. A person required to register for life and was convicted before 1994 has a right to a hearing to determine if they still pose a danger to the community and can request removal from the registry. The Supreme court failed to list a specific date when the law became punitive, however all the changes over time lead to the increased burden on people required to register. Therefore, depending on the specific time of the conviction and other factors post conviction someone required to register could file for a hearing even if convicted post 1994.  Currently New Hampshire is attempting to legislate this matter under bill SB 468.

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